What Others Say
about A Place for Truth

“Thank You ever so for this wonderful site. At the age of 52 I am only 4 yrs old as a born again Christian. This coming Sabbath I hope to be attending my first OPC. Thank You again. GOD Bless.”- G. S. from Milwaukee, WI

“Pastor Biggs: Many thanks for laboring in His word so faithfully. Praying the Lord would continue to prosper your way. Wonderful website!  PS: The Biblical Theological emphasis has been so helpful in freeing the minds of my friends, family and I from the confusion which clutters our evangelical thinking.”- M. M. from Argyle, NY

“Dear Pastor Biggs, I thank the Lord who gave you the word for this sermon. You have placed a solid wedge between the “Not Me But Christ In Me” and the goal seeking list searching accomplishments of Man. It is really so simple. I have been greatly comforted and been reminded that it is all Him crucified. What a joyful journey it is when Christ stoops to walk with us who are redeemed and called before time began.”-H. B. from USA.

“I pray for another Reformation….I pray for it earnestly, and I pray God will bring it

to West Virginia as well as other places…. I wanted you to know how much the internet work you and others do means to people like myself. I am certain there are many others like me who are hungry for better fare than what is generally out there….Thank-you for this study, it made me cry. We are indeed a lot of malnourished sheep…….many, many, many of us. Sheep don’t recover from years of malnourishment over night. I am thankful for the Reformed websites which are helping me go to the Word of God for the nourishment I need. I am having to completely relearn how to read God’s word. There are ways of reading it that will not provide nourishment, but are more like stuffing one’s face with junk food. You have given me a lot to think about. These scriptures are precious. Thank you so much, a sister in Christ.” -S. V. from West Virginia.

“Brother Charles: Christian greetings from Digby area, Nova Scotia…I want to thank you for thiswonderful article/study! Have a great evening; God`s blessings! In HIM, for HIS Glory, Pastor P. I. from Nova Scotia.

“Greetings in the name of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! May God be pleased to use this website as an instrument to spread the glorious Gospel of Christ and the precious Reformed faith in this unbelieving world. Keep up the good work! Sola Scriptura! ” M. H. from Singapore

“Greetings! I am grateful for finding your precious web page. I just have read your essay on the wrath of God and His mercy. It is so encouraging me to look more unto God and His immeasurable mercy in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Please let me besubscribed to your list. May God’s grace be in you.” –H. J. J. from South Korea

“Enjoyed your homepage…I teach Church History in a seminary here in Madrid, Spain…You have some good reference materials that I don’t have readily available…Good Work! Soli Deo Gloria!

“Thanks for the great website! The Lord has brought me from a Pentecostal Denomination into the Reformed camp because of websites like yours.” B. M. fromBoston, MA

“Have a wonderful year and thank you once again for your dedication to your

“Words of Encouragement”…they give great nourishment to me…and I pray…to others.” B. M. from Pennsylvania.

“This is a good website: a wealth of information. Three cheers from a pair of reformed Methodists!” D.S.

“May the Lord greatly bless the proclamation of His Word in these days of lukewarmChristianity. May He uphold those that keep to the old landmarks and the Truth as found in the Reformed Faith, Puritan lifestyle and godliness. May He bless your ongoing ministry for His name and glory.” from the United Kingdom

“I am very grateful for folks like you that [1] have solid Biblical truth to open to the minds of the seekers and [2] you took advantage of the latest technology to communicate that message. Do continue to glorify Him.” R. M. from Dalton, Georgia.

“The materials that I get from websites such as yours are a big help to my own active involvement in reformation work here in the Philippines. More power, and may the Lord be pleased that the day would come when our churches will once again be places for truth.” N. E. from the Philippines

“This is a wonderful site! I am glad to see such good material on the net. I would like some information about your ministry.” J.A.S., Jr.

“Great Page will refer back to it in the future. and tell others about it keep up the good work… P.S. No place for truth by David Wells is a great book highly recommend it.”

I’m so glad that you have decided to organize a Christian Web Page. I’m sure a lot of Christians have received help from it, such as i have. May God Bless!!!!

I hope to visit this site regularly, to supplement my studies, thankyou.

I am a pastor, as well as a Principal of a Reformed Baptist school for pastors. I have profited very much from materials coming from your source. Thank you very much.

“Sola scriptura!!!!! What a great site full of the light of GOD’s truth! A real blessing. . .Thank you! K. G. from Ireland

“Enjoyed your homepage…I teach Church History in a seminary here in Madrid…You have some good reference materials that I don’t have readily available…Good Work! Soli Deo Gloria!

Wonderful web site. Keep up the good work. There are many who do not know the Reformed Faith, and even less that are aware that what we know as the Reformed Faith and the doctrines of grace are actually what the bible teaches. This comes as a shock to my Arminian friends. A BIG shock. May the LORD bless you in you work here.

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